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Sahara Nanda



Sahara Nanda


Love Is The Elixir Of Life

Love Is The Elixir Of Life

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As he carried me in his arms,

I felt the unfathomable warmth!

As he looked into my eyes with intensity,

Secured I felt,

Tasting the flavors of tranquility!

He makes me complete!

He brings in my face the sparkle!

Yeah, this sparkle in my face,

A reflection of his grace!

As I hugged him tight,

I realized his significance!

I smiled as I reminiscened

Those trifle quarrels and fight!

Promises he made

To hold my hand forever!

To drag me out of the darkness!

To this, I just smiled

I smiled like I did never before!

But suddenly slipped his fingers

Away from mine!

Though hard I tried to make a grip

No control could I find over destiny's rhyme!

Unusual this helplessness

Broke me apart!

Who could understand the pain and grief

When torn into pieces is your little heart!

I woke up to the reality,

I woke up to the pain!

In all these years of emptiness,

Only memories are to my share of gain!

Love is the elixir of life!

The driving force to live

And not just survive!

As I looked above,

Moaned my loneliness in pain!

Still hoping that one day

Destiny would unite the earth with heaven again!

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