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Priya Singh

Drama Romance


Priya Singh

Drama Romance

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

2 mins 216 2 mins 216

Why is it that? 

I am afraid of this love. 

Even when love is termed as warm and comforting.

I am running away, while still having the thoughts to come near you and get embraced in your arms. 

I wanna hide you lest not the world should see

For this love is illegal by the laws of our society,

And sadly my parents are also the part of this. 

I wanna come close, hold your hands tightly and stare at you endlessly, 

But everytime I try to move one step closer, something backs off, the fear grips its arm around me and I turn back. 

Maybe this was meant to be till here. 

Only loving each other inside us, never letting it resurface. 

This boundary cannot be crossed,

For these boundries are set by hatred, which is much more powerful than love. 

I fear not these boundries my love, 

All I fear is the men who created these boundries. 

For now love is illegal, hatred not. 

Love has got boundries, hatred not. 

Love has got religion, hatred not. 

Love has got caste, hatred not. 

Love has got gender, hatred not. 

The road once we dreamt to travel hand in hand,

We need to travel alone. 

The road once filled with roses, 

are now left with thrones.

But my love remember it, 

Love is never about destiny, it is about journey. 

As long as this journey is beautiful let's walk on it. 

Even if we don't cross roads, let's walk parallel to each other. 

Let's love each other.


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