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Noorahmed attar

Drama Inspirational Children


Noorahmed attar

Drama Inspirational Children

Teachers At Every Juncture!

Teachers At Every Juncture!

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Like the bicycle paddle, I began to move around,

The times swiveled, I was equipped to stand,

The mentor in you was at its pinnacles,

Mama, there wouldn't be anything precious than the lessons you enlightened us,

Yelling to ride a bike,

Emerging in your footsteps,

Emulating your movements,

Keeping calm when you bought candies,

Bothering you till you are furious,

Yet you constantly enabled me to reach my pursuits,

Father, there isn't anything important than the lessons you cultivated in us,

Always looking for entertainment,

Carrying me to the playground or being the devil you want to hunt down,

Yanking your ponytail or mixing up your cosmetics,  

With all the difficulties, you always thought me the manners,

Sister, how would I repay the valuable lesson you introduced,

Wrestling with you was just a game,

While Snatching a remote of television,

You would bully me in school,

You would save me from bullies in the neighborhood,

Always the troublesome sidekick I was,

Yet you supported me to forge my own path,

Brother, how would I repay the valuable lessons you taught,

Over the schools to universities,

Numerous scolded me to read and write,

Some trained me to play sports, 

Some assisted me to write an article,

Handful encouraged me to gain perspective,

Several helped me to have an opinion,

Many were a mathematical genius, 

Few were science marvel,

Numerous taught me healthy competition,

Few gave me turtle finishing maneuvers,

Some held my hand to winning a race,

Some let me fall down and only to help me resurface,

With every logical juncture of our existence,

We met somebody who helped us crossroads,

This teachers day, 

Be thankful to people who gave you everything you needed to live a life like a king-size! 

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