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Stifled Sobs

Stifled Sobs

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A loud explosion, in the midst of night

Nine pair of wide, terror struck eyes

Under the beds and beneath the sheets

On cold, stony floor, kids lay and did scarcely breathe

The eldest of nine, aimed his shoe at the bulb

A crash, stifled sobs and then darkness engulfed

A shout in the corridor "Beware...He's here"

Then a volley of bullets that silenced her

Little ears pressed to the ground

Picking up even the feeblest of sound

Now slowly, softly and stealthily he walked,

And with killer instincts, the kids he stalked

The wooden door creaked and light rays peeped

And holding his gun, the mad man was ready for his fun

The full moon hid behind the clouds in the sky

And with a drizzle the dark clouds began to cry

A hand on his headgear, he switched on the dimming light

Scanning the room found no soul in sight

Then ready to leave he held the doorknob

When from under the sheets escaped a sob

His senses alert this lunatic smiled

He would now love to avenge the death of his child

And need I go on to describe this mad frenzy?

For those nine pair of eyes never would life see

The full moon kept hiding behind the clouds in the sky

And the thundering dark clouds broke down in a pathetic cry.

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