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Kriti Gupta



Kriti Gupta


Steps Towards A Healthier Life

Steps Towards A Healthier Life

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Step 1.

Let the harsh truth set in, 

No matter how much it hurts.

The acceptance will take you far,

And will keep you at bay from worse.

Step 2.

Even if for a moment you can,

Just stop fighting.

Let the tears flow,

And form streams of guidance.

Step 3.

Wash off your tear-stained shirt,

And ditch that concealer.

Let the hope find you,

Trust yourself to be your own healer.

Step 4.

Cut off all the causes of sleepless nights,

Avoid the unnecessary thoughts.

Do what your heart whispers feels right,

Your choices need not be second-guessed,

No count is needed by your flaws.

Step 5.

Be grateful for what you have,

A life many can only dream of.

Keep going, since you have received,

Much more than what you lost..

Step 6.

Ignore the judgemental stares,

They'll be there all your life.

Always to misguide & lead you on,

To what pleases the external eye.

Step 7.

Don't search for your happiness,

For you have been given the power.

To be the mighty creator of it,

Each second, every hour.

Step 8.

If you ever hear the grave calling your name,

Look that fear in the eye.

Tell it what you so far tamed,

And you're not scared to do it one more time..

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