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sun kayastha

Abstract Inspirational Others


sun kayastha

Abstract Inspirational Others

We hold this ice together

We hold this ice together

2 mins 246 2 mins 246

That she for society was he,

That 20 years she,

Who left her hometown for a lucrative job,

Who hated to doll herself up,

Rejects many marriage offers through her phone,

A neighbour on her side tries to flirt with her 

One day she pelted him to stop this act

Was he for She

He poignantly reads the newspaper,

Loves to do boy haircuts,

Try to copy manliness around,

She hides her breast enough,

Holding chain on her wings,

Wearing rainbow-dyed hair,

He roams around in a pop style,

Some tell her androgynous

Was non-identical He.

Weather challenges many households,

That she stood as a Hercules effort.

She is a haze and craze helped many people

All lauded her, "Daughter you are peculiarly very strong."

She held that outer ice in a geeky way,

But her inner ice was becoming a glacier,

No one ever knows,

He was a misfit for this society,

It pinches him the most.

I was there, looking at her 

A candle she, but a flame he,

I wanted to hold her ice in ecstasy,

Holding his hand, I told him to dress me up.

With long braids, and eye makeup,

My feminine spark wakes me up,

Dolling up feminine dresses I walk with her.

A society with running eyes came to see us 

With a questions enough in their wrinkles

I answered, it's difficult to wear this, but I pretend to make u realise

You all make him, though she was he

How hard do you make the banyan tree as a rose plant ??

But its nature is to grow as a Banyan how you can control his identity?

It hit hards too many,

Some gave him a big hug,

With a gracious smile, he accepted all,

With no regrets about past haunts,

He hold my hand and kissed my forehead

Saying thank you for holding my ice together

I told it's our ice, its society's ice the laborious one,

How come, it's yours?

Yes, we hold this ice together 

With the breeze touching each other,

We smile together!

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