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When Same Poles Attract

When Same Poles Attract

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The sky is not the same everywhere,

Sometimes, it's covered with lava ash,

Like one of my wishes.

Ma, you said it was a teenager dilemma.

The society said it was just a phase,

But it was not over yet.

When my friends were busy,

Boyfriending and girlfriending,

But I felt no urge to their philosophy of love,

They said," opposite poles attract".

The girl who sat on the last bench,

Was just my friend until it was turning into love, the one who want to marry to.

Fortunately, we both knew that,

unfortunately, the world didn't want to know that the same poles also attract.

On Rose day, I tried to propose to her,

I felt like standing at the edge of the waterfall,

It was not weird but different love,

She accepted and every gush of water smoothened my inches and then a kiss,

One of my friends videoed that scene,

Sending it to the class teacher as a complaint. Was love a crime?

How faulted I was? Or society?

I was grounded and she?

Everything turned not upside down but round and round till it clasped her throat around, she decided to die.

Questioning the society was breaking their convention, so, I was laughed at.

I wasn't accepted because I was young but because the tradition was old.

The news spread like wildfire,

Bruning my life into ashes.

That's how a transgender is treated.

And I read in newspaper headlines,

How do people view this same-sex relationship?

Mage Illegal by the government,

Ignored by the media.

I was scared, isolated, and never confessed,

Drugs seemed the only escape,

Instead, I  trusted myself.

Then, a psychiatrist saved my life almost,

My parents almost disowned me,

She said that it was normal,

Homosexuality was not a disease.

I was relieved that science still existed,

I fought for myself even against my parents,

I don't accept the tradition which takes away my freedom.

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