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Be a part of the contest Navratri Diaries, a contest to celebrate Navratri through stories and poems and win exciting prizes!

Staring At Infinity

Staring At Infinity

2 mins 306 2 mins 306

While looking back one day,

Sitting at the “sunshine bay”,

He thought, what had he achieved,

And what in life had never received,

The answer played with him hide n‟ seek,

But he was also not meek,

He thought alone for a long time,

Did he ever do any crime?

Did he ever hurt anyone,

Otherwise punished someone?

Did he break someone‟s heart,

Or spoilt someone‟s genuine art?

Had he ever made someone happy,

Someone merry, and snappy?

Just then, as he was thinking,

Came there a beautiful thing,

Happy became he, when he saw it,

It was like a puzzle, could he crack it,

Then he went into world of dreams,

As beautiful as ethereal streams,

Then started thinking he,

By staring at infinity .

The earth was white, the sky red,

“if i could just sleep on a bed,”

Thought he, who just had no work,

When suddenly, there was a spark,

And everywhere it became dark,

Seeing nothing, nothing to see more,

Was he feeling, when there was a roar;

He was shocked to the very bone,

Because there appeared a sharp cone;

The cone struck his fist-sized heart,

Which  shook all of the earth,

Till he had no chance,

He faded into the coming trance;

He awoke,

Felt someone poke,

Then realised, 

That he had been paralyzed;

A beast was feeding on his blood,

He saw it, there was a red flood,

He felt is life being sucked out,

The world around him, round about,

Then there was a gash,

With a huge splash,

He felt his throat go sore,

Till there was life no more;

His dream ended and he woke up,

His daddy asked,” hey dude, what‟s up?”

“Did you sit on the "sunshine bay‟,

That led your mind to go astray?”

He replied,” yes, it is,

Though very strange….”

“Of course it is,” replied dad,

“It‟s out of your range,

To know how this device is strange,”

“I know what dream you saw,

It wasn‟t a lion‟s but a human‟s paw,

That licked your blood,

And caused the flood,”

He got very much alarmed,

And found that he was unarmed,

Because his dad, whom he loved,

Had from his place moved,

Carrying a short, conical spear,

That made him very much fear,

“after all,” said daddy,” it wasn‟t a dream,

It was just brute reality,

That portrayed to you, my brutality,

And my constant search for infinity…”

Dad came forth, he stabbed his son,

Till all his blood began,

To flow down like a red falls,

He heeded not, his son‟s pitiful calls,

He licked his blood, 

Cherishing the flood,

It was salty n‟ sweet,

As if it was the hell‟s greet,

The mad scientist took his son‟s life,

Besides the son, lay his dear wife,

He continued his search for infinity,

As their eyes,

Kept “staring at infinity”……………..

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