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Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand

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My take on suicide on the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day to be celebrated on 10th September.

This is an ominous day,

The sky is still and gray,

Teary eyes all around,

My lips begin to pray.

A kind soul so sweet,

So why did it meet,

A horrible end as such,

Lies there, o tender-feet!

A star lies buried,

A spirit unsullied,

Slowly turning to earth,

You’re not worried.

I still remember your smile,

Though it’s been a while,

Those happy curves going up,

Being carefree was your style.

You walked your own walk,

You did your own talk,

You lived your own life,

And worked your own work.

So removed from others,

A shock of colorful feathers,

A free bird of Eden,

As sweet as the heathers.

Yet behind those little eyes,

A terrible sorrow lies,

A pain that you bore alone,

No answer but a lot of whys.

Look how your mother weeps,

Her tears in the soil seeps,

Heart-breaking moans oh dear!

Escape her trembling lips.

So, about your poor father,

His sorrow’s gone even further,

His apple of the eye no more,

The guy’s life just asunder.

As for me, your dear bestie,

Why did you take a step so hastily?

Was I not by your side,

Being your soul’s amnesty?

If you’d just told me once,

I’d pulled you out of your trance,

But now I look at my bare hands,

Weeping over my one last chance.

I wish I held your hands longer

To stop slipping away like sands further,

From the inverted clock of time,

To hug you and keep you closer.

Why did you take the accursed blade?

Why did you cut yourself, and bleed?

Why didn’t you think of us just once?

See what a tragedy this has led?

Some call you the selfish one,

Keeping your duties undone,

Taking the easy way out,

Giving others a shocking stun.

I know that they’re wrong,

How nicely we went along,

What a kind person you were,

Like a sweet, melodious song.

Onerous expectations of world,

Harsh words had you muffled,

Remaining verbose till the end,

Your silence has us troubled.

I wish you didn’t choose the rope,

Only if I could’ve given some hope,

Maybe this tragedy wouldn’t happen,

You wouldn’t slide the slippery slope.

All the precious moments of ours,

All those happy and gay hours,

Are a shimmer of a memory now,

A joyous time filled with wonders.

My dearest friend, I miss you so,

I just wish that you didn’t go,

Without bidding me adieu,

Our parting seems so long ago.

Did I lose you long before?

When you responded to me no more?

What happened in those times?

Turning you from seed to spore?

I’m shedding so many tears,

Leaving behind tragic smears,

What’ll happen to me now,

Thinking that my heart fears.

I still remember your sunny smile,

That I’d recognize from a mile,

Little it cost you in giving,

But it made my life worthwhile.

Only if you’d asked for help,

Raised a hue and cried a yelp,

I’d have come to your side,

Extending my hand for help.

Dear, when you went astray,

And drove everyone away,

If only you’d let me,

I was still there to stay.

It’s never too late to reach out,

Brace yourself, give a shout,

Help is just around the corner,

We’ll run and come about.

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