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Inspirational Drama



Inspirational Drama

Shame The Shamers

Shame The Shamers

2 mins

A girl's virginity isn't a sign of her character,

So please don't listen to everyone's chatter,

They'll judge you, no matter what,

Calling you names, insolent, over smart.

The society is skewed, in favor of boys,

Forcing girls to retreat, becoming mere toys,

But times are changing, you must see,

Things aren't always how they were meant to be,

For now, girls choose not just clothes,

But also people whom they want to be close,

With whom they want to spend their time,

And how to spend their own dime.

If a girl gets forced on by a guy,

She shouldn't just keep still, and lie,

But claw her way out,

And give a good fight,

Show that guy his rotten face,

Make him see his own disgrace.

Guys aren't all so bad,

I write this, yet feel sad,

That not everyone thinks like me,

This unjust world, don't wanna let it be,

Like this anymore please,

Get rid of this disease,

These disgusting fleas,

A bunch of rotten peas.

We'll marry you, and care for you,

We'll carry you, and stand with you,

We'll parry with you, by your side,

Sister, mother, daughter or bride.

You give us strength, you give us wealth,

You give us happiness, and good health,

In return we'd love you more,

Respect, adulate, supplicate and adore.

We may not be the best looking,

We may not have done anything striking,

But we're people who love simplicity,

And want to make this world safe, a reality,

For not just you, but for everyone,

So that fear takes hold of no one,

A world lead by respect and love,

Heaven underneath our feet, and not above.

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