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Drama Inspirational



Drama Inspirational

Sister, You Are Always Welcome

Sister, You Are Always Welcome

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I used to think of how life would be if I had a sister,

To share my childhood, my feelings, my dreams with,

But being an only child, I could only wish

For a sister.

One day I saw her on the traffic signal  selling combs,

She came up to me, smiled to show me her wares,

I took some, paid her, the red light turned green.

So started a relationship, with an unknown girl,

Saw her daily, took some combs, it became a daily affair.

One day she was not seen at the traffic signal,

Wondered where she was asked her friend,

Not well, her friend said, so she did not come,

Asked her address, went in search, found her,

Living in the slums, shivering sitting alone,

Called an ambulance, transported her to  hospital,

After recovery took her home, nursed her,

Made her my younger sister, so now I know,

What it is to have a sister, need not be of the same blood,

Love is more important when it comes to relationships.

For the first time in her life, she tied Rakhi,

For first time I gave a beautiful gift, ji

We hugged each other, then she smiled a dazziling smile,

You picked me up from the streets, and made me welcome, 

I silenced her and said, this is where you belong,

 Little sister, this will always be your home.

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