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I heard somewhere,

"The people who cry at very small things,

Are weak from their heart."

Then I thought,

Am I also like that?

I wanna cry,

Whenever I am annoyed

I wanna cry, because when I am

Angry, I feel so destroyed!

When I ponder upon it

I think, why is it so?

It is because...

I don't express myself.

But no.. It's not that

It's because of the people around me,

Don't let me express myself!

They don't wanna know

How many storms inside me

Everyday; come and go!

It doesn't matter to them

How insides of me

Are full of mayhem!

I talk to myself

I laugh on my own,

Because there's no one,

Who; for being my mate, will be known.

I am filled like a volcano,

Which us unable to erupt

And when I cry; that say I am mad

But with my feelings,

Have they ever tried to interrupt?

I wanna say a lot!

I wanna cry a lot!

I just wanna come out of this

Entangled thread of feelings, in which

I am badly caught!

I wish this volcano of mine

To erupt..

I wish this storm inside me

To depart!

And all this, will finally

Leave me in a happy

And a peaceful state..

Then.. I will have nothing and

Nobody to hate!

Nobody to hate!

Nobody to hate!

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