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Kashish Rajender


The Day She Found Herself

The Day She Found Herself

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The girl who always wanted

Some people in her vicinity,

Was astounded to see herself

In the mirror's city..

There, she questioned herself

And even she answered these by herself

But no! That was not her

That was her image formed by the mirror.

Both of them talked

Both of them cried.

The real one asked the image one

'How come you face problems,

And you do you solve them?'

The image replied, "its not me

Who has got problems to solve!

It's you, in whose surroundings

All the problems revolve!"

"And its only you, who

Will solve these", stated the image,

" nobody else

But only you!".

As soon as their conversation ended,

And the real girl was returned to the real world

So ended she doubting herself,

And that was the day, when

She finally found herself!

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