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Harry Kumar

Inspirational Children


Harry Kumar

Inspirational Children

Selfless Warrior

Selfless Warrior

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Tender days and the tender age

you struggled to be a soldier

The heart filled with love for the nation

Can anything be more sensation

 During selections, you are never tired

Mentally you coupled patience and perseverance

Rose above all hurdles physical and mental

yet your family bonding remained sentimental

Moved away from your home town

believing whole India as your home

Resolved to serve the nation till last breath 

to safeguard Visited every corner in its length and breadth

There came the horrible day

you had to walk into the forest and stay

Surrounded by your own people 

you were no more safe 

All the evil filled in rifle 

you are shot and shot and shot

leaving the final breathe along with other soldiers

Jai Hind resonated from your heart dear martyrs

All the tears of family and country said:

You Souls would rest in peace 

it may raise in glory 

as your short life of commitment remains a life long inspiring story

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