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Harry Kumar

Drama Romance


Harry Kumar

Drama Romance

Travelling Hearts

Travelling Hearts

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That's another hectic day 

Waiting at the bus bay

It's neither bright nor dark

Time said its six o clock 

For long no bus arrived

Later came a bus undesired

Finally the bus of my heart 

Stopped in front of me

My eyes are on the last seat

That's the place I got my seat

It's full of people and rush

Unexpected but I found my crush

Sat next to the angel in silence

It tuned my heart with violins

In no time I had to sit away

God is planning that way

Heart vibrations stopped the bus again

I sat in the place of immense solace like a bullet train.

My hands rested on the front seat for a while

Heaven came closer when our hands are together

The bus is moving forward by giving my sweetest memory

Am the only one happiest soul on earth's treasury

Palace on wheels reaching the destination

My heart experienced a sense of sensation 

It reached my stop fastest ever

But I got down never

Traveled a little longer 

To add the sweetness to the memory a bit better

I took the luggage from her at the beginning

Placed it on the luggage space without much thinking

In the end, I started thinking right 

Asked for her to get the luggage, heavy for her and for me it's light

Some souls meet unexpectedly in traveling

Make the journey heart-melting and pleasing

Finally, she received her blue trolley baggage in style

Touched my hand and vibrated my heart for life 

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