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Harry Kumar



Harry Kumar


God Has Come

God Has Come

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God made man; man made God

One day man started to question the lord

Who is god? Why is it not found?

God waited for the right time to speak loud and profound.

Days and years passed like a flowing river

Still, God has answered the man never

The man got angry and furious towards nature and every other creature

God witnessed the exploitation and its every feature

He believed it to be restored by a man soon

Still, the man continued his pseudo supremacy in every tune

God resolved to come and answer his existence

Met everyone in person with persistence

No one believed him to be the god

As they strongly believe he is invisible lord

God has not lost his purpose

Stayed back on earth with impulse

Every day the sun shines for him

Clouds Rain for him

Winds blow for him

Inviting his own best place

He declines to let mankind exist

God knows his exit is the exit of life on earth

After knowing god leave him not from birth to death

If not we lead a life full of despair and death

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