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I chose you, amidst all happiness,

I then tightened the bond with a peck.

I looked in your eye and saw love,

I realized the meaning of life.

I held your hand to walk the ground,

I matched steps to find four at once.

I believed in serene humanity,

I then found faith in closed eyes.

I nurtured my soul with beauty,

I accepted that I am no less gold.

I anticipated your gloomy eyes,

I got to know the depth of thoughts.

I saw your tears falling down on my lap,

I then found your weakness and solitude.

I shared the pain and saw you fight,

I learned to support a soul of hidden plight.

I changed the curtains that blocked the shine,

I repaired the frame of broken glass.

I committed myself to your body and skin,

I fell for every bit of open touch.

I ran into you several times over the night,

I felt your caress and tied myself to you for life.

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