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Dripping drops from vivid sky,

Love in air forming collective vibes.

I stand aloof and stare towards eternity,

Falling every second for the miscible scenery.

Driving my mind towards fantasy,

I travel from land to peak of every hill.

Like swaying clouds I fly over seas,

Don't know ways but still carry wish.

I close my eyes and open the lock,

Take out memories one by one.

Never does it end, has righteous glory,

Words cannot fathom out its hidden meaning.

Forgetting everything I embrace the serene beauty,

No sinister thought hazes my thinking.

With thundering I break my fancy beliefs,

My heart flutters to the smell so sweet.

Sound of rain invites me to commence,

Stories of agony that stays unsaid.

The warmth of tears on face feels light,

With silence much it beholds my eyes.

It provides me with subtle morals,

I hold myself with all fibers.

Slowing itself down it takes permission,

My faint smile responds to its solemn conclusion.

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