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Game Of The Nation

Game Of The Nation

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Tiered stadiums lit with roars,

East, west, north, south all directions croaked.

Maintained field with leveled grasses,

Central strip holds the pitch it houses.

Bounded by wickets the stump is prepared,

Bat, ball, jerseys speak of the robust.

Shouts and shouts from all clear corners,

Flags and colors are evident in the shear.

With a similar paradigm, the game is on,

Loss or win is the truth to own.

Not an ordinary game it is,

Face to face they stand and speak with hits.

Down the stairs, the batsman comes,

Stance he takes to welcome the ball.

Arranging the field with planned positions,

Spinner spins the ball to take the wicket out.

Fancy costumes and decorative placards,

With beautiful girls, the fans cheer.

Every second the tension arises,

A finishing over drives the masses.

Winning trophy is the glory,

But the nation's fame is the motive.

The conclusion is forever the plight,

But respect for each other and game is the ideal sight.

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