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Harry Kumar

Drama Romance


Harry Kumar

Drama Romance

Happy and Merry - Harry

Happy and Merry - Harry

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Love till you live if so then you still live even you die

Enrich the world with your smile of an apple pie

Love lives longer, longer than life

Preserve proud moments for your friends, kids of course your wife

Love and be loved: always be proud

 As we know we come with nothing but to stay with the crowd

Society is full of pain and despair nothing looks fair

Nevertheless, Still, be joyful as it’s an inside flair

Try to nullify the mountain of ego

As you encounter this virus wherever you go

God made the man be merry all life span

We worry and hurry to board the ambulance van

Live like a leaf untouched by the waters of grief

This is the meaning of life in brief

Never stop by the wild winds and foul friends

Always strive to set new trends

As life is equal to all unequal’s of global place

Minds at its own space create immense solace

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