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Amrita Mallik



Amrita Mallik


Saffron Strength

Saffron Strength

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Let me smear myself with saffron color

Maybe then I’ll feel strong and courageous

For a woman's existence is living hell

Monsters grope on her when she steps outside

While others hide under the cloak of pretentious happiness!

I don’t wanna be a coy mistress

Docile, accommodating, and complacent.

I've grown tired of wearing the mask of a welcome smile

Sealing my lips here I stand

Completely exasperated and a loving carcass!

Let me strike a deal with the hellfire

I'd now gobble it down and my spirit will glow

Yes, the world is scary but conquerable

I've wasted my time in fretting over the inconsequential

Now the same barbs will protect my castle!

Thank God for the excruciating pain

It has nurtured me so well

I'm fearless now, a survivor in the making

Ignoring the prying eyes and betrayal from dear ones

I rise from the ashes of my burning pyre!

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