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Maitri Singh Tomar

Drama Inspirational


Maitri Singh Tomar

Drama Inspirational

React To Cause An Impact

React To Cause An Impact

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We don’t want another war.

The world has become full of political boundaries.

Every topic gets converted to issues;

Issues of religion,

Issues of casteism,

Issues of ideologies...

And all this is a mere beginning of something worse.

Yes, I'm pointing towards a war!

The mindful becoming mindless,

Propagation of hatred around the globe,

Fears, anxieties, apprehensions taking a toll.

The commoners turning fragile and vulnerable,

The ‘ruling authorities' governing their souls.

No, we can't take this anymore!

Summits, unions, conferences and debates,

Leading to nothing but aggravated bewilderment and further rage.

Professionals are instigating doubts with perplexed minds and unaccountability.

Is there any trusthworthy source?

All we can do in these testing times,

Is appeal to the distressed with an empathetic mind.

Stop pointing fingers at each other, this instant!

Take an insightful look within.

If we take a moment and pause, 

We will realize that we host unlimited strength and courage.

It is only a matter of perspective.

So, just do yourselves and the world the much-needed favour,

Inhale the beauty and exhale the disgust

Because it starts with you,

And only you can dare to change these circumstances.

Rise up to the challenge, don’t keep sitting on your couches!

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