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Racism Back To Action

Racism Back To Action

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Welcome to the world of tragedies,

A heaven, or may be a hell,

Where each time you look around,

You’d be trapped in a nutshell!

What you would find here is,

Nothing but only living human monsters,

Who have with time acquired,

The art of darkening all the cheers!

They’ll love you not for your soothing voice,

And even not for that humble heart you possess,

But only for the color of your skin,

Worn beneath that enchanting dress!

What is your race?

Or what is your caste?

Maybe which religion you belong to?

Will be the only questions you’d always be asked!

You could be stabbed for being different,

And possibly might get bullied,

For that is how this society,

Displays its ethical good deed!

It’s a mistake to perceive,

Our biased mankind as humane,

B’cuz these are the sole irrational racists,

Left with zero humanity and no brain!

To them their race is the most superior,

Regardless of where their ancestors were from,

Even if they were extravagantly poor,

Or luxuriously lived in a dome!

Yet, the dismay remains the same,

Of how we’ve been revitalizing racism,

Bringing this terrifying demon back to life,

And allowing it to rule our kingdom!

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