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Aaradhana Agarwal

Drama Tragedy


Aaradhana Agarwal

Drama Tragedy

A Victim Of Love

A Victim Of Love

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He was given tranquilizers to forget his tormented past,

Yes, he was a victim of love, a failure in love-quest.

Entrapped in a deadly snare with many others like him,

She was a social butterfly, very sharp in playing trick.

Her smile, beauty was used smartly to manipulate guys,

She belonged to a rich family, being spoilt in luxuries.

Money could solve all life's puzzles was her belief,

His heart was a new toy for her to play and then to flip.

He was in illusion of true love and made her a priority,

She left no stone unturned to break his dreamy world of purity.

He couldn't bear cruelty, harshness, dirty game,

His mind and heart revolted and made him insane.

His solitude, his hopeless status was caused by filthy accusation,

The brightest student, the pride of parents was lost in oblivion.

His tranquility was robbed by a cunning girl with evil intentions

Who would expose her as she was expert in hidden exploitation.

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