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Love ...naah naah. way.

The cravings for these is GONE.

I am done giving and receiving it and

I now look forward to a different DAWN.

Tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachments,

I do not wanna trudge on those ROADS.

'Cause at the end, these emotions have left

My spirit singing melancholy ODES.

The journey with these have left bleeding blisters on thy soul.

It's a pretty bad BARGAIN.

It leaves you struggling, gasping and drives your soul INSANE.

For momentary fleeting happiness,

You bear, unbearable sufferings all ALONG.

With a short lived bribe of life long happiness,

It just the kills the harmonium music of your life's SONG

Now what I ruthlessly desire is POWER.

A Power on my mind, heart and SOUL.

An unbreakable command over my emotions, a CONTROL.

I wish for the power to stop the hazardous useless emotional TIDE.

Cause emotions are my biggest enemies,

They have always taken my heart for a painful RIDE.

I do not wish to be tied down anymore by

Expectations, insecurities and POSSESSIVENESS.

I wish my soul to swim over and gain the POWER to get out of this MESS.

I wanna be so powerful, practical, vigorous, tough and STRONG,

That nobody dare mess with me, nobody could even dream of doing me WRONG.

Yes POWER AND ONLY POWER, is what my heart DESIRE.

A power that would liberate me, make myself my first priority,

Make me confident in my own company,


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