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Manaswini Dash

Tragedy Inspirational Others


Manaswini Dash

Tragedy Inspirational Others



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O my dear India!

You have given a wide scope to all your children to dwell on your lap

You have not raised your resisting voice against any torture, exploitation of us

You have paid your heed to our crying and needs as an affectionate mother

Your rampant contributions and kindness can never be narrated with the help of the alphabet

You are beyond narration and meagre expression

When that long years of torture, exploitation, ruination, destruction, obstruction, devastation, suppression and oppressions have reminisced

Tears come out unknowingly to assuage the afflictions and unknown pains scream in the deepest corner of heart

When the sound of the hopeless crying and lamentations heard from the far lands a rhythm of melancholy spontaneously vibrate

When the scene of dead bodies of your sons and daughters dance before eyes life seems as a course

 Your land was converted into a reservoir of bloodshed and firing

The cruel animals had snatched away our liberty to lead a life as human beings

We were converted into dumb animals

We had no freedom, no right, no equality, no entitlement, no parity and no independence to breath

We had to live with deprivation and destitution 

But with our unbeatable and indomitable struggle we saved you from the enemies 

You are grinning today congregating the smiles of all

We take pride for our nationality as we are Indians 

Your brave sons are prepared to give their life for the sake of your protection 

We all pledge today to keep you strong and safe from all hardships and impediments

We can sacrifice our blood and life to redeem our promise.

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