Aparajita Srivastav



Aparajita Srivastav


Not forever

Not forever

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Do not miss me when I am gone.

Don't look for me around.

Living with me was memories, without me will not be hindered!

Habits and habitat change with ages, quickly in ashes when burnt.

Fresh quest blossom at the spring. Icy wind sustains the pain, my tunes will make it more existential.

Don't moisten your eyes when I am gone.

Let my things be untouched and remain unscrambled. Music to be played on. No debts and credits I will take, a cup of coffee will owe it all.

People and customs will bring to revive but have a belief that I am none.

Sun will rise and so the waves, changes may take or may not take place.

Don't afresh the memoirs fading on.

Break the ice when I am gone.

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