Aparajita Srivastav



Aparajita Srivastav


To my teacher

To my teacher

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Don't leave my hand, I may fall.

Just hold me firm, I stand tall.

Don't show what's grey in me,

select the white, as that may heal.

Don't let sums and theorems

capture my innocence,

Please give some space for my perseverance.

I need revival and ray of hope

don't let me down for a professional scope.

Slow and quieter maybe my skills

they will blossom with your drills.

I portray my best in front of you

efforts to conceal apprehension from you.

Without my saying will you agree

I have something best in me.

I will try, try and try, don't lose hope

I will not deprive.

Next to God regarded is your place

give me a chance to be in your solace.

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