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Aparajita Srivastav

Drama Inspirational

To My Baby

To My Baby

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To my baby, my flesh and bone.

To my baby, my heart and soul.

I hold you tight, I hold you close.

I tend to defend you from all the woes.

The gift of life and life's gift,

You learn and grow so swift.

Your Midas touch and magic wand,

Your giggles and cuddles give a happy end.

The world is tough, full of sins,

will you surpass these powerful jinks.

Safe were you in my womb. Alas, I shiver in my dreams.

The sun shines beyond the clutter,

The moon shimmers although.

You, my baby, will sustain the agony

the world beholds.

Don't vouch for numbers, don't bring medals.

Carry the values and hold the pedals.

Span through twist and turns,

Swing up and down.

My baby, keep your feet always on the ground.

Success is precious, not more than you.

You are priceless and I CARE FOR YOU.

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