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My Teacher

My Teacher

2 mins

She is nice,

She is calm,

Strict for some,

Beautiful for everyone,

She makes each day

Count and shine,

She smiles like the

colors of rainbow,

Gleaming in white light.

When I think of her,

I think of intelligence,

I think of kindness,

I think of devotion,

And beauty as solutes

Mixed with the solvent,

Of affability that makes

The solution of a good person.

She is like a mother,

A mentor

A well wisher,

A guide,

Approaching her is the

Best solution for any problem,

She helps us all,

No matter how we are;

But she will always

Help us, listen to us,

And understand us.

She treats us like her

very own children,

She loves, she cares, she scolds,

She shouts but ultimately that's

What makes us accomplish things,

And make her proud.

We respect her, we support her,

We love her and we thank her,

For making this year a year of

Lights and colors, fun and memories.

There are a few things that

We wish to leave in this year,

But her memories are what,

We to retain next year and

For life long.

She always taught us

To be a good human being,

To respect others and

Appreciate others,

She possesses the qualities of,

A startling person and an

Amazing leader.

This year couldn't have,

passed by without her

Support and encouragement.

I fall short of words when I

Describe her,

When I describe such a

Miraculous personality like Her.

In the end I have nothing

to say but just a,


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