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Adrija Poddar



Adrija Poddar


My journey through yesterday

My journey through yesterday

2 mins

My tears are soaked in the scarf I bought last winter

I wish I could tear it apart

But I can’t, as it brings back the memories of me smiling

I still have the chits we wrote in the back pocket of my bag

They talk about the dreams we want to achieve in the future

I wish to laminate them, keep them on the top shelf

The orange juice I spilled on my white shirt

It doesn’t get cleaned at all, but I still wear it

Because I could afford a shirt like that, but not a memory

When I forget to turn off the kitchen lights

I decide to lean on the headboard every night

And wonder when it’s turned off, would the candle be burned out too

I want to see the northern lights from Antarctica at least once

I want to see the Deception Islands in Atlanta

My wishes make me wonder about my day dreaming desires

Can I still find the bracelet I dropped on the road during Christmas

I don’t want it back, but I want to see it one last time

Do you call it longing or infatuation?

I still remember in April when cheers erupted

But why is this October so gloomy

It feels like the attention seekers want empathy

My earphones were all entangled, too impatient to sort them out

I ripped them apart like east and west

But I mended it back instead of buying new ones

Because scars are more beautiful than any glow

When the drawer screeched while opening, I pretended to be deaf

Because I didn’t want to buy a new one

As the old one fits more stuff than anyone

My desk still has the alphabet writings I practiced

When I could barely spell splendid

Even now though I misspell it as overextended

The coffee marks on my cup are worn out

Thankfully my insecurities have been burned out

I don’t care if you think I’m really loud

Atleast I can lead myself alone in a crowd

My bare hands are warmer than when in gloves

My sweatshirts are better than my high necks

At least I’m honest even when the summer’s gone

Memories, they are scattered in my Artery Lake

And I have them with me to cherish, and the desire for new ones to be made

And these are my memories from yesterday.

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