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Adrija Poddar



Adrija Poddar


Hello Haters !

Hello Haters !

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Freedom , I had it all until you came 

Restricted me by your manipulative instincts 

Which soon turned into orders 

I am not one to take them 

So i tried to deal with it kindly 

I tried to deal with it and you with my tender side 

But apparently my kindness was a weakness to you 

So I showed you my tough side 

But apparently what I didnt know was that you didnt know the difference between toughness and roughness 

Being with you was like living the life of a poor person in the 1920s 

Hate speeches, I tolerated them at the beginning 

Tried to adjust with your bragging 

I lost the love I had for you 

So I used the other side of me which is sarcastic 

Now that, you couldn't tolerate 

You treated me like chalk dust being rubbed off a slate 

So here is my side of the story as I narrate :

I was trapped like a caged bird

I felt like being hugged by the person I hate the most 

I felt suffocated and that is why I escaped , for freedom 

And my weapon for that was sarcasm 

Brutal Honesty is my middle name ,which I usually dont use 

But to introduce myself to you , I had to

I'm unapologetic , I'm not sorry 

I am myself, so if you wanna do , then hate me .

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