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samicshaa t.s.



samicshaa t.s.


My First Day At School

My First Day At School

1 min

It was my first day at school 

I thought it would be cool. 

I hopped out of bed, 

With no further ado. 


When I first reached the school 

Everyone saw me with a disgusted glint their eyes, 

I wondered what did I do? 


When I reached the class, 

I was intentionally pushed to the floor. 

Never did I guess this was how it would go 

On the first day of school. 


Yes, I was bullied. 

All of them mocking at me, no one stepped forward to help, 

I felt as if a knife was jabbing me, 

Leaving with no external wounds. 


Sticks and stones may break my bones 

But words will never hurt me!  

That’s the lie they always say, 

But the truth of it deserts me. 


Nobody wanted to stick up to me, 

Nobody wants to be my friend, 

So, they kept on laughing and I stayed alone 

Till the very end. 


Maybe I won't go to school the next day 

No one will ever miss me 

That’s the end of it I said to myself  

And went to the teacher at the end. 


I told her what I went through and hey 

I never would have guessed  

They helped me feel better and less afraid 

They made all my sufferings end, 

The only one who stood for me. 


So, if you are getting bullied, my friend 

Please listen to me 

Do not fight the invisible war! 

Tell someone you trust, 

And the bully will bully you no more. 

That’s how the first day of school went for me. 

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