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Azzy Kara



Azzy Kara


My Dreams And My Reality

My Dreams And My Reality

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My dreams and reality often engage in a quarrel

Both pity, both rough

Both eager for dominance

My peace of mind floats above

In a senseless bubble

I am scared. A banner reads above my head

I can't read what it says.

I can't differentiate

From day to night

From right to wrong

From voice to vision

From my own home or my own prison

I have lost the sense

To separate feelings.

I feel everything and nothing at all.

So I wait. Unarmed. Unbothered. Hopeless and dying a little.

How long before the candle burns out?

How long before it runs out of steam?

How long before the hot sun is replaced by the cold winds?

Loneliness. It is there with me. In that senseless bubbles.

It is tired. Just like me. Waiting. How damn long?

How long till I win this war?

How long till my dreams defeat my reality. 

This is how I go to war.

Lonely and hopeless

Not bothered.

I just want to win this war.

Live with my dreams and not my reality.

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