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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Raja Sekhar CH V



Raja Sekhar CH V


Mother's Affection

Mother's Affection

2 mins

Every Mother is representative of The Immortal God,

Spending on time with Mother is the ultimate best period!

Mother Kaushalya gave Sri Rama best direction,

Mother Yashoda and Devaki gave Lord Krishna a lot of affection.

Jagatguru Adi Sankaracharya says that Heaven is present in Mother's feet,

Worshiping Her divine Feet is equal to all pilgrimages visit.

The wise Vidura teaches that The Mother is supreme,

The affection of The Mother is always extreme.

The seed is insignificant without Mother Earth's care,

It only grows into a striving plant in Mother Nature's warm care.

Mother is the first identification of every child,

This adorable living creation is God's favorite brainchild.

She is someone who loves her child very very much,

There is utmost attention in Her every divine touch.

All children do not understand Her love always,

She has the sacrifice of nature for Her children in all the ways.

She has lost Her beauty and youth,

Her place in life can never ever be beneath.

She is the best support for us anytime,

She has all the patience to sing a rhyme anytime.

Every child is the best for every Mother,

There can never ever be any replacement for Her.

She takes the feeling of every expression,

Be it happiness or any type of tension.

She is someone without whom a child cannot live,

Because to live is different from to survive.

Value of Mother is one thousand times more than The Father,

Life of a Child becomes happier when both parents are together.

She is everything for a tiny toddler,

She is one and only best storyteller.

She is the first corrector and connector,

She is the first teacher and administrator.

The affection of Mother is immeasurable,

Her in time love is anytime adorable!

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