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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Samuel Dsouza

Drama Action Inspirational


Samuel Dsouza

Drama Action Inspirational

Model Woman!!!

Model Woman!!!

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The whistle of the Cooker hearing blow

It 06:00 am in morning as the cock crows

It seems that one member is already half day done

After all well begun is half done?

To bed she is the one late to go,

Tired though, but can read to her child a story once more

Though her ability handle stress rather high

But in small things happiness she fine

The kiss in morning as child, off, to school he goes

As she get ready, she finds he husbands shoes and clothes

Yet she is in time for the office meets

With smile on her face, “Good morning”, she greets

Working through the day, as she hurries to return home

Hugs her child as all her tiredness goes

Asking what was taught today,

Helping him do his home work, is not child play

At 08:00pm her husband arrive

She ask him how was his day, he just smiles

As she dinner is ready to eat some more

She not got a bit rest, she needs it much more

Like an error free engines he body works

With emotional wonders just works and works

I wonder what imagination would have, God’s plan

To make that one human so special to man

She not only home maker but a creator

Her husband’s love, of bearing a child too

With pain of labor and tears of joy

Oh! Woman you are God best boy

The powers in hand are countless

She can make a man, or throw him doubtless

She has beauty of the rose, but also thorns’

To protect her young one, whose wicked eye can be drawn?

She a girl, a lady, a sister and a mother too

From old age to new era she has to risen through

No man has ever made the copy of this the human feat

Like angel she there in all walks of life we meet

No matter what race, culture or creed she from

From bone of man she had been formed

She can be stronger than man if she wants to be

But man can’t get to be her, it privilege it can’t meet...

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