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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Amrutha Alapati

Abstract Classics


Amrutha Alapati

Abstract Classics

Magical Worlds

Magical Worlds

2 mins

It’s so easy to lose myself in day dreams,

Where green soaring trees abound,

Within dense forests all around,

Where sunlight breaks through the green gaps,

And falls as golden pools on the leafy ground.

You can hear the creeks, bubbling and meandering through,

And the chattering sounds in the undergrowth,

As the wee animals scuttle through.

Of mystical wars,

And distant unknown realms guarded by magical barriers.

Of brave males and fierce vicious females,

Of towering keeps,

And castles floating on the clouds.

Some harbouring and others keeping away evil,

Where otherworldly creatures exist,

As abominations or simply creations living as one, hidden.

Wisdom and truth are lessons to learn,

Everyone has inherent weaknesses.

They know of and defend,

Turn them into strengths,

As others try to exploit them.

The mighty fall only to be resurrected,

Fate is their master and a dictate.

Where gods and goddesses sleep due to waning powers,

When evil rises, it, the good will rush to end.

Trickery and mischief abound,

Intricate secret plots cooked up in boiling pots.

Even then, humour abounds;

Love grows, among them all.

Fate binds even the unlikely ones with the strongest of twine;

In the end, they will all unite.

Wisdom will lift the good out of the tight tricky spots,

As they realise that it’s all in the wordplay,

Bound in unbreakable vows.

There is much beauty to be found,

Both in the normal and the mystical.

Alas! If only such a world existed,

Outside and not just in my head.

I find that life with normal humans has grown tiring for me,

I feel, I’ll benefit from some supernatural therapy;

In a magical world-

Where my soul will gallop with joy and breathe easy.

For now I content myself,

With finding magic around me,

Even in my normal life;

So, sometimes it doesn’t feel dreary.

Just thinking about these,

Alleviates my inexplicable furies,

I can only hope,

That I evolve so.

I reach those astounding heights in my spirituality,

That I will be even just a touch closer,

To live the happily ever after,

And possess my personal superpowers.

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