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Nikay Corliss



Nikay Corliss


Lost Wings

Lost Wings

2 mins 309 2 mins 309

Unto the earth was born a girl

With destiny written all over by angel

Never understood the reason for her living

Always told her to stay put a voice inside screaming

Thought she was treading steadily on the ground

Never saw that she had wings that were bound

And one day she flew and fled up so high

No one can see her so up in the sky

And she knew she never belonged to the land

Flying was her destiny and flying was her end

And people told her to be a human for a while

For the thought of courtesy she gave it a try

But never had she understood what human around her does

Felt like an alien, felt like a fuss....

So she decided that she’ll never be like ‘em

And people started thinking that she was insane....

But she was the ugly duckling no one knew

So she’ll become the beautiful swan someday through

Angel or devil or heaven and hell

The world thought she wasn’t upright wasn’t well

But she could see the truth written in the star

Everyone took her for granted the biggest truth by far

And she started believing in the voices around her head

So she lost her identity and her magical wand

And since then she felt herself drifting with the winds

And she thought that she was to play but not for the wins

But sooner or later she had players on her team

Stood there to fight for her with her own demon

And now she’s fighting for the reason she is lost

Had to get back her wings on any and every cost

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