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Hasmukh Amathalal



Hasmukh Amathalal


Life Needs Most-Friend

Life Needs Most-Friend

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The desert needs water

If not then it shall remain barren here 

Not comforting passers-by

And imply dryness


Life has the same tendency 

It must sweeten the journey 

Grow colorful flowers

And spread the fragrance further


You have the love of a father

The kindness of mother

The everlasting love from a sister

But you miss someone in life here


The friend who takes you further

And act like a guide and philosopher

Confide you in your distress

And keep smiling on the face


Life is made meaningful and purposeful 

When he or she becomes resourceful

You find someone living thousands of miles away

But stays in heart providing means to live


Such is a living personality

That she keeps on proving daily

In thoughts and in literary action

That is how I improve upon human relations.

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