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Shubham Srivastava

Abstract Others


Shubham Srivastava

Abstract Others

King of Alliteration

King of Alliteration

4 mins

Here is the king, King of alliteration, cheers!!

All alliteration alphabetic acrobats are ammunition

Attributes added up to artistic artillery

Assassinating antagonist analytically amazing

Academically ablazing arsonist allergically

Attaching and amputate all average amateurs attacking agony

Amplify anabolic-steroid aggressively against anarchy

Aborted artificial assist astonish astronomy

Ate adequate amylase algebraically agile

Bibliophile being boon a bestowed battalion

Beaten buffoons by baton brutally brave in the battlefield

Bombarded bombs by Bazooka brusque brute

Bonafide bold blunt bowled bogus

Broth brownies burgers brought by brothers

Burped brunch bummers bungled bureaucracy

Bush Burnt Bubbles Boping-Up in Biodiversity

Bumblebee Buzz Buzzword buttering,

Blue-collar Built buildings through the Blue-print

Chieftain convincing crowd through canvassing

Conglomerate congregate conform confluence

Creativity creates contrived contentment to conflicts

Crossing through crosswords chess checkers in the chatroom

Dark deaf doomed destitute dead

Devils dork dumb dissolved in dust

Dan-Brazilian Dreams dude, Dusk Dawn diluted for destiny

Desolate Doleful despair dwell in the destruction

Emperor encourage empathy and excellence endorse

Expression exterminate enmity enemies

Evaluate estate establishment etiquette

Ethos, ethical, exuberance, embrace, enthusiasm

Fast and Furious Four flows forever

Fabulous Fantastic Factual Fast Forward Fastidious

Feed fake friend foe fearful fascism

Far from factual federal forged fraudulent

Failure ain't fatal until final

Favoritism is a fiddle for federation

Fickle fellows find faults to fetch feuds

Fallacy falters down the framework of a franchise

Gangster grabs guns gonna grudge

Ghetto gutter germ grows great in green

Gay G.L.A.A.D. Grays gregarious

G.O.A.T graze green glorious and glamorous

Headshot on Harbingers of hatred hieroglyphics

Horrible holocausts like Hitler Heatwave heated hibernate heuristic Haiku

Higher education Highlight High-definition highlifer

Home-secretary Home-sicked homeward to Homepage

Iambic idiom idiomatic idiolect illmatic

Internet implicates identity-card identity theft through intrusion

Imagine idealism ideology idol idyllic

I'll ignore immature immoral idiocy like an ignoramus

Juvenile-delinquent jurisprudence jury judiciary

Jackal jilt jerk jettison jinx

Joey jobless just joint joggery

Jumpy jump-start junction in June

Kung fu Kenny karate king knuckle K.O.

Kid kickass of kidnappers by kickboxing

Kick yourself for knowledge in kaleidoscope

Karma keeper keepsake kid kindness

Legend legacy lives on like a lion

Lair lame loony loomy lackadaisical

Lazy lament liquor-lover lackluster

The lexically lyrically liberal lieutenant left liquidate listener

Murdering melodies by mastering mosdef and metal face doom metaphors

Metal-head Metallica melodious manifestation 

Meantime maximize matrix of mind in mayhem

Meritorious mess a miraculous messenger giving microgasm to mind

Malign makes mountain outta molehill

Naïve notorious nationalist nature-lover naturalist novelist

No Never narrow-minded natal 

Neglect negative negates non-sensical nuts

Numbskulls nuke-talks nasty ill-nine pins in the news

Oops opportunist obfuscate obsequious overcooked

Overlook 'em overrule override ain't overreact

Overtake overshadow outshine out-wit outright

Overseer own overthrow become the odds

Pacifist parallel with paranoia paradox paramount

Pinnacle pin-down paragraph paralysed power of pigs

Poor in prison patrician on parole partiality on puny

Pawn penniless penitent penetrate penicillin in penguins pollinating the petals

Queer half-queen quality-control qualified quite easily

Quench of questions quick-witted like quantum blasts of quasar

Quiz is quintessential while being quarantine in corona

Quatrain makes you queasy quite possible quotes quiver

Radiant raconteur radical rap-bot in your radius

Rebel rampage ravage rattlesnakes rats rather than rational

Reactive radioactive radium reagent of realism

Reallocate resources in real-time that's round-robin hood algo

A rainbow rises when the rain bows down

Routine royal rowdy revoke rhythmical revolver

Rib-broken from right-punch now rigor mortis.

Relinquish rejuvenate rekindled recovery

Shubham a satirist sickular satan on surge of

Salvation Samaritan sacrilege sanctum sapien

Salvador sarcastic skepticism scholastic

Split schismatic scoundrels scouts sandstorm

Syllables spitter swiftly sweet sweeter than sweet-potato

Swept swoon strong silence symbol of sword katana for snakes the serpentine

Studios stubborn stout-hearted student

Straightforward story-teller with no simile no stigma

Thirteen twenty-four teenage tee thermostat than a thermometer teetotaller taskmaster

Tipping-toe, tap-dancer, tedious through the thorns

Thoughtful temperamental tenterhooks tenuous terrible of thorns

Terrified with the terms of reference of talismans and textbook

Ubiquitously uber ulterior ultimate unbeatable unbelievable

Unceremoniously uncultured unbreakable uncompromising

Underground underdog underestimating my upper hand

Understatedly undervalued undisputed undoubtedly upwardly uprising

Vaudevillian veteran victim verve vicious

Vicissitude vulgar volatile vile voice of the voiceless

Vigilant violate violence verbosity venerably vulnerably

Vanquishing vanguard voracious vaulted vastly vaunted volunteer vividly virtuous

Waken walkover warmonger warriors through all weathers

Wearly weep on welfare well-built well-being well-defined

Well-wisher well-informed well-known whim whimsical

A whispering whistle-blower from the streets where is my whiskey

Xylophone played on Xmas, xenon but ain't noble, X-chromosomes

Xtracaliber, xenophobic crashless, xylem, x-ray, XML

Yellow-brick road, yellow, Yuck, Yikes, Yelp

Yeti-yawns reading the yellow pages yolk yummy

Youth yoga young on Yacht but ain't Lil, 22 yards lover

Yardstick yellow-fever yearn yeast yield on yesterday

Zen master of Zend-Avesta zoom-in to the zenith zest for life

Zeal zero-hour talk on zero-tolerance zero-gravity

Zig-zag walks of the zombie zero-knowledge on zoology

Zoo-trip zephyr zeal I'm zealous

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