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Shubham Srivastava

Abstract Comedy Others


Shubham Srivastava

Abstract Comedy Others



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Got no Oscar still I'm wildin' this shit like no one

imaginations infinitely indestructible I start from where most of 'em end

wearing planet rings and asteroid belts, Thanos, one snap, game gone

so many bars in the bar docked for Bardock's

know the barman never bartender with barbarian bars

barbarity behind the bars of barton. I'm Baryon, Yawn

Barge the barricades of barbican to the barracoon

release from barouche blow up some barbels

barge barque through barchan shakes Barycentre

Barology Barometer Barothermohydrograph Barley-Break

Bar Chart rises through Barcode Bard wilding Barefoot on Barbake

Barrow Barter Barn in Barren Days Barbiturate Bargain

Baryta Barbette Barbastelle Barbule

Barbequed Barracouta Barley Barracoon Barracuda

barbotine bark mixed with Barm on Bartizan

Too many Bars Bar Bench & Council could appoint me as Barrister

Barber Barbigerous Barrette on Bar staff

Bar sinister with Barbed wire burglar in Bario

Barloaded in Barrell Barrage from Barracks

Barspitters baragnosis with Barratry Barthymia Baryphony and Baryecoia

Barathea Barely have baraesthesia

Baring Baritone Barbiton Barcarole Baroxytone

Baric Barmecide Barege Baroscope of Barysphere

Too many bars displayed in the atmosphere to show you why I supposedly hear Budweiser

Pass the Breathe act, my Barversals too heavy

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