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Manaswini Dash

Abstract Inspirational Others


Manaswini Dash

Abstract Inspirational Others



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That night was tremendously inspiring

Which vanished long persisted darkness 

Every Indian was celebrating and trumpeting

As all emanated a new chapter of success.

The way to freedom was a daunting challenge 

But still #Free India expedition never failed 

Despite all stumbling blocks, it ensured change

Our enormous strength it apparently exhibited.

All relished emancipation and emerged numerous dreams

As we put stop sign to all anguish, pain and mounted strain

We wished to perish exploitation, discrimination, derogatories

All were triggered by an unprecedented impulse and inspiration. 

A new shimmering sun rose in the east

That thrilling past frequently flashes its face to cheer 

Which accelerates all paralysed spirit 

All Indians love to keep that incredible triumph fresh forever.

But still, our dream has not witnessed its practical touch

Free India is still waiting for its complete expression 

The youth of India should evince their indomitable spirit much

To dismantle the echo of poverty, inequality, and discrimination. 

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