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Shristi Kumar

Abstract Drama


Shristi Kumar

Abstract Drama



2 mins 199 2 mins 199

Where have you gone? 

It's been quite a while, and there's not a word from you.

You made flowery promises of always being there no matter if any one else stood by or not.

You didn't realize that promises are made to fulfill them one day. 

You said we'll stick together like a tripod, the three of us.

Now you continue being gay with the second leg of the tripod.

But you don't realize that a tripod can't stand without the third leg. 

You'll fall down time and again.

You'll try replacing the third leg with someone else. But no one's ever going to fit it perfectly.

You continue ignoring the absence of the third leg because you've got to cater to your greed, ego, and jealousy. 

Meanwhile you have plenty of Jokers to keep you entertained in life. 

You have an ego thinner than a paper that's gets crushed so easily, and pride so inflated that you see no fault in yourself.

Your ego doesn't let you get down from the false pedestal you've created for yourself and mend ways.

 Your ego doesn't let you say, "We'll meet again, just like the good old days"

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