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If You Wish To Help Someone...

If You Wish To Help Someone...

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You don't have to be a billionaire,

If you wish to help someone,

Nor do you have to wear a cape,

To be a superhero who helps everyone.

If you think you need magic,

To save the world from darkest nights,

Let me tell you darling you're a lil' wrong and lil' right.

See magic does exist,

But it's free here for everyone,

You don't have to be a witch or a wizard,

If you wish to help someone.

You don't have to be a star,

Or a celebrity all shinning in light,

You just have to be a person,

Who has human blood flowing inside,

Because that blood is magic and makes us alive.

If you want to help someone,

Just Keep smiling as you walk around,

People already are under tremendous burden,

Try to be the one who makes them feel found.

Help someone to cross the road,

Or make a coffee for your employee,

Or be the one who puts the garbage off the road and into the bin,

Be the one who works in silence,

And help every thing in need,

Put out some love into the world,

It's tired from all the hate,

Our beautiful little blue planet,

Is turning red with all the rage.

If you see a child crying,

Just go and buy a lollipop for him,

And as he smiles and you wipe his tears,

You will surely become a hero for him.

If you see someone in pain,

Just take it and put it aside,

Be kind to him and everyone you see,

Their happiness will make you feel alive.

If you see a needy being,

Be it an animal, human or tree,

Just provide it with what you have,

And That is how you can be,

A superhero without a cape,

A magician without a race,

A billionaire without money,

A most magnificent thing: A human being with humanity.

Just smile, love and be loved,

It's not so hard to be kind.

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