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Aditya Kakkar

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Aditya Kakkar

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There is something unique about you that makes you who you are, YOU! 

There's something unique about this tree that makes it what it is, THIS TREE!

There's something hidden deep within each that none of us can see, 

There's something unique about that land afar that makes it what it is, LAND AFAR!

Yet there is something deep within each that connects us to who we all really are!

An undertone of energy that pushes us along, 

A Golden essence deep within, ringing true in every song. 

A shared desire and hope welling up within each being, 

Tuning into the connecting flow is our world's best chance of seeing.

When I look at you and you look at me,

Our differences are so easy to see, 

Not only to see but even to hear. 

Your thoughts are not mine, 

That's no reason to fear. 

Our unique perspective can change things around,

New ways to imagine to grow and create.

Your truths can gift me wisdom and courage, 

These precious treasures aren't meant to breed hate!

When I sit in silence and observe the world around, 

I can see each one is seeking for something that must be found.

The tree roots reach deep into rich soil,

With life abounding as branches stretch.

Surrounding this tree, these stars, the water's deep,

Their essence is the same as we seek 

When we can know this to be true,

That the center in me is the center in you. 

That essence, we think is hiding,

That love force encompassing all that's abiding.

It is then that we can be free,

So that you can be you and I can be me!

Together, we connect with the stars & trees,

Not separated from the waters that be

In relationship rather than monopoly!

When all is as it should be and in the source of love 

And life we find our true identity.

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