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Shilpa Sanghamitra



Shilpa Sanghamitra


I Am My Poem

I Am My Poem

2 mins

Let me be a poem

The verses conveying

What I fail to speak

My inner self in my words

And in the gaps between them

Be the world that I seek.


With closed eyes folded hands

I wish Your blessings for relief

As you read of Almighty

Let it show my strong belief.

When you read of my loved ones

You would realize it's so forever

And the verses of distance that you read

Be my silent scream craving for together

As you read of soldiers

That would be my gratitude song

Of trust and strength

To the rare braveheart kind they belong.

As you read of my sleepless nights

Let it show the darkness of my fights

And as you read of the moon

Let it revel my strength through darkness

And hope of the daylight that would follow soon.

As you read of endless journeys

I let you see my wandering soul

And as you read of beautiful destinations

Let you see my will to reach the goal.

When you read of the birds in cage

Try seeing the greed of freedom in every gaze

And as I write of the birds flying high

Let it reveal my courage and will to touch the sky

When you read of celebrations

Let happiness of my mind be revealed

Let my sad verses too convey

The emotions that I keep safely sealed.

Let these feel decorated words

Help me convey emotions

Let my trueself be revealed poetically

In this new age world of emoticons.

Let me be a poem

And let my poem define me

And as my reader reads with his mind

Let him see all through me.

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