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Shijil Paleri



Shijil Paleri


Humanly Scars That Remains

Humanly Scars That Remains

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It is long to row

Don't know the way to go

Separated from reality

A ghost or into spirituality

Bury me down

Will grow out as awn

I hope to breathe again

To live life without any gain

Burn me to ashes

Empty pockets, no cash

Seeing the world out bright

In the darkness, no light

Let me flow and flow

Warmth around, no glow

Shadow says it all

We never were alone

I feel the fire burning around

No heat, no ground

Sounds of cry and cry

A couple of days passed, all just sigh

Years of crying

Now, I'm flying, I’m dying

Within all the time

I'm fighting, I'm smiling

The trust, taken out

I crafted red wine out

I always felt I'm incomplete

Always in debt for 9 months

And now, at last, felt complete

And just got faded away

Walk your dream old,

Dig that gold

How much you shed your skin

You will remain the same

Just wake me up

When this whole thing is over

It is a journey and no goodbye

All the life I look forward

Beautiful life, and memories flew

Every second if marrying you

Came and went alone

No lights, no comfort zone

Don't know the way to go

But still, It is long to row

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