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Classics Drama Thriller



Classics Drama Thriller

Her Heart's Musings (S. L.)

Her Heart's Musings (S. L.)

3 mins

1. Jinxed

And maybe in her heart,

She wished to understand,

Why she was cast aside?

Rejected and refused.

Left to roam the grounds,

Watching the flowers in bloom;

A lost soul-

Jinxed and broken,

Petal off a dried up stalk,

Tumbling in pain's fiery carousel

S. L.

2. Queen of the Night

She was resplendent in her adorning;

A temptress to the eyes,

Making the fingers of all who saw her itch;

Wanting a feel of her delicate beauty,

And when she moved,

Dancing to the wind's sweet song,

Dressed in blossoms of white,

Twinkling like the stars of a moonlit sky;

Fragile to the touch yet too powerful to resist,

She became the siren;

A coquette of hearts-

Damning unfortunate souls,

Drowning them in their lust for her essence,

Fallen victims of her powers,

Dancing and swirling still in her grace,

Dazed by her angelic glow.

S. L.

3. She struggles

Trying to be brave,

Trying to hide the spasms of pain lying beneath the depths of her existence,

Nothing to hold on to,

but fading joy,

and a slipping into oblivion...

S. L.

4. Her Healing

She burnt wild

Like the fires of harmattan;

Spreading fast,

Giving fiery breath to souls forlorn and wearied.

Sparks of life,

Reawakened embers of feeling,

Glowing golden in the dark.

S. L.

5. I wished for death

A way out of the pain I felt,

And you came along,

Pulling me to you by your strings of love,

And pushing me off the cliff at the same time.

Now with you I wish to feel something;

Not mope around

Lonely as ever,

Empty and devoid of emotion,

Devastated and left to wander barefoot on this threshold adorned in hurt.

S. L.

6. And darling,

your broken tears

still have

life to give.

S. L.

7. Longing

She never thought it would,

But it came back to bite her;

Sacrifices made,

Now haunt her nights,

And muddle her thoughts by day.

She'd never understood how one could,

But left with no choice she'd done same.

The kettle and the pol;

Blackened by dreams chased,

Darkened by losses made,

The imprints embedded deep in her heart-

A yearning never to be satisfied;

Gnawing at her,

Eating her from within,

Drinking the fame,

Yet left without a place to call-


S. L.

8. She was the spring that quenched the soul's thirst

S. L.

9. She wished for something

Anything to mend her soul and piece her together,

And she got her wish,

He was a burning flame;

Spreading his warmth over her,

Melting the layers,

Bleeding the hurt,

Leaving her burning.

Flames dancing all around her,

Giving light to her heart,

Setting it free,

Aflame in love-

A welcome warmth!

S. L.


She wished for something-

Anything to take it away;

To stop the flame from eating deeper and deeper in her soul,

Wrenched from loving by the fires that blazed.

He only served to burn her badly;

Charring her heart,

Leaving her wanting a taste,

Of something other than fire,

In his wake!

Her torched soul;

Ashes and broken pieces,

Fragments from a heart that loved too much it killed her,

Leaving her desolate and empty;

Never to rise,

Blown away forever,

Where the wind goes.

S. L.

10. And in each curly strand you could feel her power;

Kinks and resilience-

A crown she chose to wear,

With pride clamoring off the edges.

S. L.

11. Like petals she blooms

Touched so greatly by the dewdrops of loving,

Which seeped into the crannies of her soul.

Warming a heart grown cold from the strong grip of hurt,

Carried by the gentle hands of love found.

Never to be lost in the wind of pain,

Tears shed in gloom now sparkles of happiness,

Radiating glimmers brighter than night's luminaries,

She's kicking up a storm,

Spreading her glow over those broken and forlorn.

S. L.

12. Her Broken Heart

With soft steps

She walks on,

Ever confident

You taught her to love;

Made her believe in eternity,

Yet you still made her fall apart.

All your promises of forever,

Now nothing but a fading memory;

The chasm can never close up,

Healing never is sweet,

But she's strong

'Cause she's learnt to wear her broken heart with pride.

S. L.

13. Don't stop fighting

Giving up never is an option,

Let the healing into your soul,

Release the pain of memories past,

Find peace in the simple things.

S. L.

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