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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Afrina Ahmed

Classics Inspirational


Afrina Ahmed

Classics Inspirational



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A daughter,

A mother,

A wife,

A sister.

Multiple roles, yet a single human being.

A daughter who brings happiness in your life,

A mother who selflessly serves and loves you till her last breath,

A wife who is there by your side always,

A sister who might fight with you yet she'll always be there to protect you.

She leaves behind her happiness, 

Her life goals,

Her dreams,

Just to make yours come true.

Burdened with responsibilities,

Both at home and workplace,

Yet she'll work tirelessly,

Spending sleepless nights without saying a word. 

There are times,

When you'd overlook her sacrifices,

She'll still not utter a single word,

She might cry herself to sleep everytime you hurt her,

She'll be back with the brightest smile the very next morning.

She'll bleed everything month,

Cry in pain yet carry out her responsibilities even then,

You might never understand what she'd go through,

For a woman is always expected to 'endure'.

She's a brave warrior,

As fierce as a lioness,

Fighting her battles silently everyday,

She know she'll eventually win,

Hopeful and optimistic everyday.

No, she isn't weak,

She's smart enough to not show you her weakness,

She knows where to limit herself,

She's hardworking, just like you,

Will you be able to work all day like her?

Will you, be able,

To carry out the roles of a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister all, at once?

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