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Pooja Mandla

Abstract Classics


Pooja Mandla

Abstract Classics

"Life Is Magical"

"Life Is Magical"

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Beforehand in a magical sphere of fire, breath, and earth, Divine

A life exquisite magical like you, define

Ready to clinch and nurture with whole heart, design

A benediction for you and around inline

A magical life I say, Swish that wand 

Takes you to the 'Magical Fairyland' that Shines

O'divine, O'divine!!

Do you possess your own Odyssey?

Oh yes!! And own stake of failure and success with honesty

You too stumble and learn from experiences probably

Still, I imbibe in you my life lessons possibly

It's alluring when celebrated together 

One life, to live so many lives further

Each role from being dependable to independents proper

Such is life with all vibrant taste of sweet, sour, bitter and spice topper

Its Glory lies in conducting the things

Be the Freedom to explicit like wings

Be the sun that shines so bright as kings

Be the moon with the radiance and light, oh' new being

Milestones create magical memories 

Push us to grow in life Treasuries

Colors on canvas

Bright, dark and sad colors too 

But I find them essential too.

When the road is rough, life is tough ; 

Still, faith in me says, Don't give up!!

Spark your rage inside

And burn all the fears inside

Boast not for materialistic achievement tied

Dream to persuade, heart to follow

Happiness and contentment matters in pride

Indulge in little joys of life ride

I assure you O'divine,

It turns into a 'Magical Fairyland' wide.

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